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CACTUS exhibition in Quimper

By September 29, 2020December 30th, 2020No Comments

Voci Dal Vento in France

I’m excited to be installing an iteration of Voci Dal Vento, a piece that lasted for 9 months in Siena during the Covid crisis. It was created in partnership with Siena Art Institute and we worked with communities in the margin to make memento windchimes. I’m installing it here in Quimper for one of two locations I’m exhibiting with CACTUS, an association of sorts that sprung up when the contemporary arts center closed a few years back. I chose to install Voci in homage to the garden’s owner, I got to know him too late in life and I’m thankful for the time I had, he passed away this summer. Voci was always a memorial of sorts for memories, loved ones, and special journeys. It seems fitting and I hope to be making new iterations in Bretagne with new communities and new workshops.

The second garden I’m installing will contain a surprise project along with some wood sculptures of mine. You’ll have to follow along on Instagram to see what happens.

It all opens the weekend of the 10th in October. If you happen to be in Bretagne, stop on by. The postcard images contain all the information you’ll need.  I’ll update this post at the bottom, as more develops.  Cactus has published wonderful articles on their Blog about the works, check it out here and  here.


I know a lot has already been said about current events, its hard for me to say anything else, except that I’m quite thankful for all the artists and creatives that I see continuing to produce work, organizing, and collaborating, all inspired by Black Lives Matter, Covid, Climate Change, Art in the Anthropocene, and many other powerful events happening right now in our lifetimes.

Like you, I’m not sure what comes next, but I choose hope, and hope we will all continue to collaborate, communicate, and build our future.

  • Other news and notes of interest:
  • I’ve been contributing to a Wikipedia page on Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art, check out the page here
  • If you’re American, please vote. The climate depends on it. Go Vote.
  • Stay tuned to my Instagram, as I’ll continue to post updates on my practice in the studio
  • When you have a chance, please browse this blog, many articles were added during the confinement, take a look.

Thank you all for the support, the arts will survive, change is inevitable, and we have all the tools necessary…



ps…a quick update to this post, we’ve had great turnout here in Brittany, last weekend and this weekend seems to be going very well indeed.  Here’s some local press we received, and if you haven’t already, check out the Cactus blog here, to find out more about their mission.  Keep an eye on this space for more updates.

thanks again for all the support.


p.p.s, Voci Dal Vento is de-installed, considering the project was exhibited in between two confinements here in France, I was really thankful for the folks who turnout, and of course, CACTUS and their network of professionals that aided with the installation and the de-installation, here’s a pic of Xavier taking it all down.

Thanks again.


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