I’ve had the pleasure of working on some inspiring projects with some amazing clients.

Tonya Quinn

Executive Director
La Napoule Art Foundation

“During his month-long, La Napoule Art Foundation international artist residency, John Melvin proved to be an outstanding artist and human-being. John manages to question and push boundaries in a way that opens minds and hearts. As an outstanding artist during his residency, John was invited back to live and create at the Château de La Napoule exhibiting his Evo Crawler sculpture in the Château gardens, which not just delighted but also stimulated lively discussions with visitors of all ages and nationalities.”

Steve Hardy

Buffalo Creek Art Center

“John Melvin was one of the first resident artists at the new Buffalo Creek Art Center in the summer of 2017. John had several sculpture renderings on his website that had not been built. The one that caught my eye was Helix, a thirty foot wood sculpture that I thought would be an amazing addition to our new sculpture park. I commissioned John to make Helix which continues to be one of the favorite sculptures in the Buffalo Creek Art Center Sculpture Park.”


Caroline Boyle-Turner

Art Historian

“Passionate is the word I associate with John – in his work, his craft, and his embrace of environmental concerns.  He engages us with his efforts to show us alternatives to our wasteful society by linking art-making to environmental issues.  How about challenging school children to scavenge for plastic bottles and turn them into intriguing, large scale sculptures, and then be responsible for recycling the plastic at the end of the project? He does that well.

Both the large scale and the beauty of the materials John uses, as well as his sensitivity to the places he chooses to install his pieces, create an experience that moves beyond simply the joy and sense of discovery they stimulate; that they also encompass issues of waste, civic responsibility and team work underlines their relevance and importance to today’s environmental crises.”