John K Melvin: Site Specific Eco Artist

“I am an international eco-artist making site-specific art boldly engaging the public in progressive dialog on the intersection of art, nature, and community”

The 21st century is a paradox.  We know we are in a geologic age defined by human activity, the Anthropocene, and yet, we are caught in a monumental battle of evolution in our thinking and culture.  The question for each of us, is what we will do with our knowledge.  If we are self-aware, what are we going to do next?  I am a site-specific artist, investigating our cultural response to a scientific reality, and I use my art to engage in public debate.  Using project specific methods, I often upcycle materials and environmental pollutants, as I make eco-art in the public realm.  Conceptually, I play with themes of absence and presence, as ultimately, I wonder what will be perceived of our species and culture, when we are gone.