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Environmental Art & Eco Artwork

Eco Art is grounded in the self-evident belief that life is completely dependent on our environment. Collapse of our environment, means no politics, no culture, no fashion, no human rights, no life, nothing. Eco Art undertakes the bold initiative that we must do something, and by acting, we are doing something.

This is not a new division of terms, but a distinction, an evolution of thinking, preceded by Conceptual Art, Land Art, and Site-Specific Art. Eco Art is Ecological Art, a uniquely 21 st Century anthropogenic awareness unprecedented in art making.

Eco Art is Activist Art. It is self-aware of its potential to inspire change, discourse, and action in the audience. Eco Art is driven by the multi-dynamic relationship between nature and culture. It encompasses a broad network of concepts: sustainability, consumerism, environmentalism, extraction economics, capitalism, humanism, individualism, collectivism, and more. Eco Art engages these relationships by connecting medium with message. It is still art, didactic and pedantic methodologies don’t work, instead, Eco Art is a social practice predicated on the fact that we can talk and think.

Eco Art takes on an entirely new construct of trust in exchange with the audience, rather than make a statement, Eco Art presents facts and questions, and leaves the conclusions to the audience. Eco Art not only empowers the environment, it empowers the viewer.

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